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Diverse Food of India

By on June 15, 2017

If you’re looking for a diverse location for your next travel destination, India is definitely the location. Not only can diversity be found in the culture, geography, and climate; diversity can also be found in their food as well.

In India spices, blending techniques, and oils play a key part in the preparation of their food. Different regions have different techniques and use different ingredients. An example of that is the coconut oil that is commonly used in the north, whereas in the south they use an abundance of mustard oil.

Indian foods have been said to be greatly impacted by religion. Although there are many different religions in India, the Hindu and Muslim religions are said to have impacted the foods and cooking traditions in India the most. The Hindu religion is mainly known for the vegetarian traditions. However, the Muslim religion has mainly impacted the meats among the Indian culture.

A typical meal in northern India would include chapatis, rice, and certain other sides. Chapatis is unleavened bread baked on a griddle. Some popular sides in northern India include fried vegetables, curry, curd, and pickles.

Some popular foods in southern India include rice, sombhar, rasam, dry and curried vegetables, and pachadi. Rasam is a thin soup and pachadi is a curd preparation. Another popular dish in south India is dosa, which is a rice pancake.

Curry is probably one of the most commonly raved about Indian dishes. Curry is a spiced dish and comes in many varieties. Depending on what spices are used, some curry dishes are spicier than others.

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