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Dubai Travel Flavors!

By on April 24, 2017

There is an overwhelming variety in the sights and sounds and smells of Dubai, one major factor being the cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic reality of the emirate. If one ventures on a holiday in Dubai, one can actually experiment with the flavors on offer here. Here’s a bird’s eye view of Dubai cuisine.

The one thing that any discerning traveler will look for at any place is the regional cuisine. Fortunately and unfortunately, there is nothing like “traditional” Dubai food per se. In fact, the tradition lies in the fluidity wherein most of Arab offered on plate in Dubai is borrowed mainly from Iran, Lebanon and Morocco, and generally elsewhere from the Middle East as well.

One distinct feature of Arabic cuisine is “mezze” (this is also referred to as “mezza”/ “meza”) which stands in stark contrast to the all too familiar three-course meal from the Western world. Mezze consists of lots of appetizers served on the table at the same time, accompanied with olives and flatbreads. This less structured and more leisurely way of eating is something that is cherished in the Arabic households. Another quite popular “street food” in Dubai is “shawarma” which in turn consists of skewered meat strips placed onto pita bread along with an assortment of vegetables and salad dressing.

Majority of population in the emirate are expatriates who hail from almost every nook and corner of the world. One can hop around Indian, Pakistani, Italian, Filipino, Thai, French and Japanese restaurants to satiate one’s taste buds. Apart from these, many of the famous American fast food joints such as McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks have their outlets in Dubai.

When it comes to booze, Dubai has its own pop to opening the cork! Alcohol is available only at licensed places, which are usually nightclubs and bars attached to hotels. Drinking alcohol in public places is absolutely forbidden by law and there are only a select few licensed outlets in Dubai that sell alcohol.

When it comes to food, Dubai is literally and figuratively, a melting pot indeed!

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