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Travel Insurance – Group Coverage

By on August 19, 2017

There are many travel insurance companies offering various types of policies which are catered specially to the different needs of travelers. Some of the comprehensive travel insurance policies with attractive and affordable premiums are single or group insurance, business insurance to adventure travel insurance and backpacker insurance as well as certain package specially designed to meet the requirements of senior citizens. Besides all these, there is also a pre-existing medical insurance plan.

For those who are planning for family holiday or perhaps traveling in a group, there is an option to go for a family travel insurance plan. Obviously, there is more savings and less documentation work than the individual travel insurance package. Your party (be it a group of friends or just family members) is insured as a group with family travel insurance, thus saving cost and avoiding the hassle of insuring the members of your group individually. The larger the group, the chances of things going wrong is more often, for example, injuries, illness, etc and therefore a good family insurance plan is essential. The policy will commence protection immediately upon signing up, even before you leave for your trip.

It is advisable to check and confirm on the terms and conditions with the insurance company and not jump into any conclusion. While some insurance companies may define group travels as family, the others may have different definitions. You may also want to look into a plan where it provides free coverage for kids. More money will be saved if each child traveling with an adult is given free insurance. Again, this depends largely on the insurance plans as some companies only offer complimentary coverage for toddlers.

With regard to the family travel insurance package, there is no restriction which states that a family is required to travel together all the time but it is imperative that children must travel with one of the adults named on the policy. Failing which the policy becomes invalid. There is also an option to sign up for over a one-year period or just a one-trip coverage. If your family travels frequently within a year, you could possibly look into the annual family holiday insurance plan while, on the other hand, you could go for a single family holiday insurance policy if your family travels only once a year. And in the case of travelers exceeding the age of sixty-five, a higher premium is charged as they are prone to higher medical risk.

In conclusion, prioritize your trip by safe guarding the interest of your family first and protect them via the many benefits of a family insurance plan. Leave nothing to risk and secure peace of mind immediately through Travel Insurance.

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